“Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let
people see you value both feedback and ideas.”
– Jim Trinka and Les Wallace


Christine was by far the best part of our wedding planning experience. In a wedding where everything went wrong she fixed every single problem before I even found out they had happened, planned our day perfectly and made sure everything on my Pinterest board happened. I can not recommend her or this company enough. If you’re having a wedding you’re selling yourself short by not hiring this girl. I plan to hire her for my sisters wedding as well! 10/10 loved my experience 

- Devin Shack


Wedding planning is stressful but Christine made it fun. I could ask her anything or just say hey girl, I need to debrief these folks are getting on my nerves. Christine was with me from the beginning to make sure I had everything I needed. I ended up going to an all inclusive venue and thought that I wouldn't need an additional wedding planner but I 100% needed Christine. She helped me fill in the blanks and areas I didn't consider. Like what the heck kind of music do I need or what things can I do that are sort of traditional but represent me more as a person. She really took the time to get to know me as a bride and help me get my vision out of my head. My wedding was 110% the perfect day!

- Ariyanna Alston


Christine has coordinated weddings for 2 of my sisters. She is AMAZING!! She researched caterers for the rehearsal dinner, photographers and made sure all the decor was in place for the ceremony and reception. She took so much stress from the bridal party and MOB. Our family loves her!! She is very sweet and professional. Highly recommend her services!

- Rennata Deutsch